years supply.

To celebrate our partnership with the Melbourne Food & Wine Festival's World's Longest Brunch, we're giving away a years worth of our award winning eggs that help regenerate our land, to a lucky winner!!!

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Here’s how you can enter

Fill out the form below. Tell us how often we move our roaming roosts so that our hens have an abundance of their natural diet and help regenerate the land. Hint it’s in the section below in “what’s the difference”. Click enter and follow us on Instagram @honesteggsco.

What's the difference?

Free range

  • Up to 10,000 hens per hectare (this one is 1,500 so you can imagine what 10,000 looks like).
  • Never moved so always on top of their own droppings.
  • No foragable food so they generally eat and stay inside.

Regenerative farm eggs

  • < 30 chooks per hectare.
  • Roaming roosts moved every week to fresh pastures.
  • Fresh natural diet of insects, bugs, worms and grains from various grasses.
  • Vet developed supplement (not soya based).
  • 24/7 access to outdoors.
  • Maremma dog protection.
  • Hen droppings build healthy soil bacteria, better pastures and increases the ability of the soil to hold more carbon.

Make the swap to regenerative.

With Honest Eggs Co. you are really buying two products in one. The freshest tasting award winning eggs and a method of farming that helps capture more carbon in our soil and better pasture without the need for fertilisers and chemicals. The price difference to a dozen free range eggs is less than a latte in town. Even if you buy 2 dozen a week choosing more sustainably doesn't have to break the bank.