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Over 6 years ago, the Founders of Honest Eggs Co. and the soon-to-be General Manager of the business, sat down at the kitchen table on the farm to look at what they were all about as a farming enterprise. Top of the triangle was honesty and transparency about what we do, and how we farm. To this end, hundreds of school kids, chefs, retailers, sustainability groups, other farmers and customers have been on our farm tour to see what we do in person. Our new pack takes our central promise of honesty and transparency, that we represent with our every day actions, and puts it front and centre for an impactful new look. It also simply encapsulates the benefits of regenerative egg farming in the slogan – Better for the chook, the land, and you. We’ve been incubating this one for a while, and we hope you like it!

What’s different about regenerative egg farming?

We’re always on the move.

Our regenerative egg farming practice is a type of holistic farming that mimics the movement of nature. This helps build and improve soil quality, and results in an award winning egg! You can check out our shed movement on the video here and below we’ve outlined the three simple benefits of regenerative egg farming. Also, if you become as passionate as we are about regenerative farming you can start to learn more here

“This is the picture you have in your head of what you want [an egg farm] to be.”

From the SBS Series: Andy and Ben Eat Australia

Benefit one

An abundance of their natural diet.

Unlike traditional free range, we move our chooks’ sheds to fresh pasture every week. This ensures our chooks have an abundance of their natural diet of worms and insects which are rich in critical enzymes and nutrients that are sorely missing in processed chicken feed. Plus, we only have 30 chickens per hectare (that’s 50 per AFL ground), so they have heaps of room to move. To prove how free and healthy our chooks’ are, we invented FitChix: the world’s first step counter for a chicken. Check out their step count on your egg.

Benefit two

We’re feeding the soil for future generations.

Our chooks’ manure gradually feeds the microbiome of our soil, which helps regenerate the land. This farming method can increase water holding capacity by more than 20%, build the number of beneficial microbes in our soil, and increase the yield of crops and pasture by more than 11%. This all contributes to more viable and sustainable farm land for future generations – all without the need for artificial fertilisers that run off into our water ways, and can compact the soil over time, causing the exact opposite effect of the above.    

Benefit three

Nutrient dense food because of your choices.

Regenerative farming creates tastier and more nutrient dense foods. Plus, it’s a lot better for the environment. In testing we’ve done on our eggs they have 9 to 17% more essential amino acids (protein) than your average egg. Customers like yourself, who have a deeper knowledge of where their foods come from, are a vital part of the circle of regeneration. You are a critical part of changing our joint futures, one egg at a time. 

Our Mission

Out to change egg farming for the better.

Better for the chook, the land, and you.

When it comes to eggs there is a lot of ‘BS’ out there. ‘Free range’, for instance, can mean 10,000 chooks in one hectare. Or to put it another way; one chook per square metre – 24/7, 365 days a year. It’s not what we imagine when we think ‘free range’. At Honest Eggs Co. we are setting new standards.

Introducing Fitchix!


Why track a chicken?

We wanted to draw attention to how good regenerative egg farming is for the chook, the land and you, and in doing so help change an industry for the better. For those who can’t visit our farms to discover first hand, we also wanted a memorable way to show how free and healthy our chooks really are. We also wanted to understand our bird movements and energy expenditure to improve our feeding. All this culminated in us inventing the world’s first step counter – designed for a chicken. And then we got clucking about it. Watch the video below and click the link to learn more about our award winning campaign.

See our farm

The next best thing to coming to our farm is seeing our farm on the SBS Series Andy & Ben Eat Australia. We opened our doors to Andy & Ben when it all started and it’s a great look into our farms and what we are all about.

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