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About us

“When you’ve got nothing to hide, life feels good. We are committed to 100% transparency in how we work our farms. That means you can come and visit and ask questions, and we won’t BS you. Real farm, real chooks, real farmers.”


First comes better ethics, then comes better eggs

Free range

  • Up to 10,000 chooks per hectare (this one is 1,500)
  • Never moved so always on top of their own droppings.
  • Diet is generally feed as there is no foragable food

Regenerative farm eggs

  • < 30 chooks per hectare.
  • Roaming roosts moved weekly to fresh pasture
  • Fresh natural diet of insects, bugs, worms and grains from various grasses.
  • Vet developed supplement.
  • 24/7 access to outdoors.
  • Maremma dog protection
  • Sanctuary of roosts as needed
  • Part of permaculture farming method that is naturally regenerative for the land.

About us

Our Story

Co-founders Paul and Jacqui Righetti are 4th generation custodians of their farm in Yandoit, near Daylesford, in Victoria.

Honest Eggs Co. was born out of a school project by their daughter. With strong beliefs in holistic farming methods passed down through generations it was the spark that led them to start egg farming in order to help regenerate the land, build additional income for the local community, and improve animal welfare standards.

Shortly after formation Paul and Jacqui were joined by Co-founders Ian and Kim Garsed – another farming family with the same values from ‘just down the road’. 6 years on there are now 7 x 3rd and 4th generation farming families in the regenerative farming collective.

Our Mission

Out to change egg farming for the better

At Honest Eggs Co. we are on a mission to change egg farming for the better. That means approaching everything with a regenerative mindset, down to the smallest detail. For instance, we eliminated the use of non-biodegradable glue which we used to secure boxes on pallets for transportation. We’ve replaced it with grip sheets instead which can be reused, recycled and composted.

Changing things for the better permeates all we do and if you’re interested in changing an industry with us why don’t you reach out? You never know what it will lead to.

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