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Changing the egg industry one step at a time.

We wanted to show Australia how good regenerative farming is for the hens and the land, and in doing so help change the industry.

So, with the help of agency VMLY&R, we invented the world’s first step counter – designed for a chicken.

This device counts the steps and movement of our hens as they roam around the farm, enabling us to gain a better understanding of their health and nutritional needs. We then print their step count onto our eggs so you can see how free and healthy they really are. These devices aren’t on our hens all the time. We just use them intermittently to improve our knowledge.



The devices allow us to track the chooks around our farm and see where they have gone. This allows us to learn more about their energy expenditure and where they are regenerating the soil. Henrietta even has a Strava account.

Loved the idea from the first time I saw the deck. Heard someone explain the idea to another person at my local supermarket on the weekend, which was pretty incredible!

Adrian Bosich

Fitchix Campaign

For our Fitchix campaign we filmed 4 videos on one of our farms with our now world renowned Founder / Hollywood actor Paul Righetti. We think he does a great job, but tell us what you think. This is only the start of our intentions with Fitchix.

Our launch video that made Paul a world wide phenomenon and gave his kids plenty of ammunition for the rest of his life.

Video 2

Chicken Manure

Paul details what we are really selling.

Video 3

The device

Paul details the technology, which was designed to fit comfortably on our chooks so they can do what they do best. This only took 12hrs of shooting for him to get it right and 45 takes. Maybe Hollywood is a little way off?

Video 4

Printing the steps

Paul details how we print the avg. steps from our study on our eggs. Note, we can’t do it individually as we must know where each egg comes from so each farm has an avg. from our study so we can link it back to the farm.

Join the team

Roger Boyd (General Manager), Paul Righetti (Co-Founder and Actor), Jeanette Wong (Sales Execution and Events) after a long day of shooting on the farm, but still all smiles. If you want to join a team with a mission beyond a 9-5 and think you’ve got the goods, we’d love to hear from you.

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