A dozen ways we are changing the game.

We are on a mission to change egg farming for the better. Tried and tested over many years now our model works and is scalable beyond our current farms. To this end we are now four farming families strong. Our aim is to scale our model to as many farms as possible over the coming years so you can get Honest Eggs Co. where ever you live in Australia. Below are some of the ways we are changing the game in egg farming.

Less than 30 chooks per hectare (50 per AFL ground).

At less than 50 chooks per AFL ground (<30 chooks per hectare) we have stocking levels far below the governments controversial 10,000 per hectare (14,450 per AFL ground) regulation for free range, and far less than the CSIRO recommendation of 1,500 per hectare.


Roaming roosts moved every week.

Our chooks have roaming roosts that are moved to fresh pastures every 2-5 days.

The roaming roost approach reduces ammonia build up from droppings that can permeate the egg shell. This ensures our eggs always have a clean and delicious taste that the best in the industry love to work with. 


Always on fresh pasture.

Our chooks have access to their natural diet of various grasses, bugs, worms, and grubs 24/7 (not just at certain times). We also provide a grain-based supplement developed by our Vet along with plenty of water. 


Regenerative farming.

Rotational farming puts less stress on the land. Our livestock eat the grass down to a level where we can see the chooks, who then come in and eat the bugs, worms and various grasses. The chooks droppings are high in nitrogen a natural fertiliser, which in turn encourages better grass growth. We then move the chooks on and once the grass grows higher, quicker, and better, we introduce the livestock. It's a natural regenerative cycle that improves the land without the incessant need for fertilisers and pesticides that the intensive farming industry created.


No debeaking.

Debeaking came about because chooks in high-density cages, or high-density 'free range', get bored, stressed, angry, and start fighting. Our stocking density means our chooks are happy. There is no need to debeak, because they are living the open range dream.


Plenty of sun and vitamin D for the chooks.

Just like humans, chooks need plenty of sunlight to produce Vitamin D. Vitamin D is vital for many internal processes. During the day the roaming roosts and built in sunshades provide shelter from the midday sun as they would get under a tree.



There are not many who will let you see the reality of their farms. And if they will, you are probably on to a good thing. As Andy and Ben found out on the SBS TV series Andy and Ben Eat Australia, we are committed to 100% transparency, and you are welcome to come and visit us. We encourage you to shop from farmers who are committed to transparency.  


Within 300km of Melbourne.

Why bring eggs in from another state when there are plenty of eggs available within your own? With Honest Eggs Co. you can be guaranteed that we source all of our eggs from farms that are within 300km of their end customer to reduce 'food-miles' - a hidden cost of large industry. 


No hormones.

Whilst 75% of people continue to think hormones are used in egg and meat chooks in Australia, the reality is it was banned some time ago. We could stay silent on that, but staying silent wouldn't change perceptions so here we are doing our part to clear up that misperception. Tell a friend!


Maremma security.

Our Maremma dogs keep our chooks safe from foxes and other predators, especially during the night. 


Supporting farming families + communities.

Honest Eggs Co. was started by the Righetti and Garsed families who live in Yandoit near Daylesford. At the heart of their values are family and community. They want to use Honest Eggs Co. business to improve farming yields for farming families, and income for local communities. 


No BS.

We are committed to no bullshit. We don't put rolling hills with chooks on the front of our packs but in reality have 10,000 chooks per hectare (1 per sqm) and a dirt run down the side of a barn just because it meets government regulations and we can get away with it. Our no BS approach permeates everything we do. It means things like even the photos on our website are all from our farms. We are farming for those who value integrity.