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Soil by Matthew Evans

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We read Soil by Matthew Evans and can’t recommend it enough!

At Honest Eggs Co. we are first and foremost soil farmers and this book sheds light on how all of us should nurture the soil microbiome for a better future.

We loved it so much we’ve ordered copies to share with the world here! There’s only a limited number available though, so get in quick.


‘A love letter to Mother Earth and entertaining must-read that goes to the heart of our survival’ Charles Massy, author of Call of the Reed Warbler. Perfect for fans of Wilding by Isabella Tree.


What we do to the soil, we do to ourselves.


Soil is the unlikely story of our most maligned resource as swashbuckling hero. A saga of bombs, ice ages and civilisations falling. Of ancient hunger, modern sicknesses and gastronomic delight. It features poison gas, climate collapse and a mind-blowing explanation of how rain is formed.


For too long, we’ve not only neglected the land beneath us, we’ve squandered and debased it, by over-clearing, over-grazing and over-ploughing. But if we want our food to nourish us, and to ensure our planet’s long-term health, we need to understand how soil works – how it’s made, how it’s lost, and how it can be repaired.


In this ode to the thin veneer of Earth that gifts us life, commentator and farmer Matthew Evans shows us that what we do in our backyards, on our farms, and what we put on our dinner tables really matters, and can be a source of hope.


Isn’t it time we stopped treating the ground beneath our feet like dirt?


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